Both working in my private clinic and on-site in businesses providing workplace massage, clients are constantly offloading their stress, whether it is work related or personal. Both can effect concentration at work, productivity and can be demotivating.

For organisations this can be costly, work related stress alone is estimated to have cost the UK £10.4 million in lost working days in 2011/12. Absence costs the UK economy £12 billion. This is staggering! Musculoskeletal pain is another big cause of sickness and poor motivation.

I worked in advertising for over 20 years, with high stress levels, constant deadlines and working late, so can totally emphasize with this. I wished workplace massage was available to me then and advise on how to manage my stress much better.

I now really enjoy delivering workplace massage, I experience a really nice buzz in the workplace when I am working. I am really motivated by solving problems so I work with clients individually discussing issues and offering guidance for good health and stress management.

There is a lot we can do to help ourselves to combat stress, help our muscles and generally stay healthy. Basic diet can help mood and energy levels. Breakfast is a great fuel for the day, caffeine and sugar are no no’s, they feel like a boost but tire the body leaving you flagging at the end of the day. Keeping hydrated is key, muscles are around 75% water and the Brain 78%.

Having a good stretch at your desk, regularly moving around, sleep, relaxation time, regular exercise, minimising alcohol also have a positive affect.

Workplace massage sessions can be short, we work over clothing and I don’t use messy oils. So minimal disruption to your office.

Have you any experiences you would like to share, or would you like to have this facility available in your own workplace?