Hypnotherapy can help us make positive and beneficial changes by shifting thought patterns, habits, emotional issues, actions and behaviours.

I like to work with a client focused approach, adapting my techniques and styles to best suit each individual.  I often combine treatments with mindfulness or coaching to achieve the best results possible.

My clients benefit from over 15 year’s expertise of providing physical therapies and nutritional advice.  I have a wide knowledge of nutrition, complementary healthy, injury recovery and pain relief.

I am a Member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy and have been awarded the Hypnotherapy Practitioners’ Diploma.

My Areas of Speciality

Smoking Cessation

Weight management, with the option of nutritional advice

Confidence and self-esteem building

Performance and personal development, eg. Sport, career, public speaking

Panic, stress and anxiety

Pain management


As the potential uses of Hypnotherapy are unlimited, I also work with




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1 hour session £60
5 session package £245
Smoking Cessation (90 -120 min session including recording)  £160

devoted, challenging, successful and ambitious human

How does Hypnotherapy Work?

Our mind is made up of the conscious and subconscious.  The conscious part is our practical side which we are very much aware of.   The subconscious part is the emotional part that remembers our habits and automatically actions, this ticks away in the background and usually we are not aware of it.  The subconscious is important as it helps us to carry out day to day activities without us having to think, like changing gears in a car or brushing our teeth.  Our subconscious also holds memories and conditioning that cause us to react to situations and to repeat habits which we find difficult to control or easily give in to.

When we go into hypnosis we experience a deep relaxed state which gives our subconscious a heightened focus.  Hypnotherapy techniques can stimulate our inner resources to help break patterns so you can achieve the changes that you want.

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All I ask is that you have the will to want to change and be committed to achieving a positive outcome.

Hypnotherapy sessions can be held in Moseley or Harborne.

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