Reflexology is a foot treatment that stimulates reflex zones in our feet.   Each of these zones correspond to a different part of the body, so through reflexology the whole of the body can be treated, this includes everything from the muscles & joints to our digestion and even our hormones.

ART is a form of Reflexology and was developed following many years of accumulated experience.  It introduced new ideas that are utilised alongside the more orthodox reflexology techniques.

ART unique methods of reflexology have more of a clinical approach and provides a far more stimulating and concentrated approach than the generally accepted image of reflexology.

Treatments aim to restore balance.  Reflexology can encourage relaxation, stress relief, higher energy levels and promotes a feeling of wellbeing.  It may benefit musculoskeletal pain, inflammation, sinusitis, migraines, hormonal imbalances, water retention, gynaecological conditions and digestion problems.

ART was developed by Anthony Porter.  Anthony is an Honorary Fellow of the Association of Reflexologists, an Honorary member of the International Institute of Reflexology and in 2005 was presented with the Eunice Ingham award for his services to reflexology (Eunice Ingham was the originator of Reflexology).  Find out more about ART.

I also offer specialist pregnancy treatments from conception up to and including birth. Pregnancy Reflexology

Indian Head Massage & Hopi Ear Candles also available.

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40 minutes  £40

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