Don’t be afraid to seek help! Or just as importantly do you know someone who is acting differently and may be suffering but unable to speak house

I am really writing this as recently lost a friend, she had bipolar and unexpectedly to me took her own life. It has been a big shock to me and all the people she shared her life with.

She lived with bipolar which was of the 2 extremes. The happy, fun loving lady who loved to help people was the only side I saw, the painful depression she shared with a few who were close to her, she was embarrassed about her condition so many of us never knew what she was going through.

This is a subject I am no expert about, but I can redirect you to some places or sources of information that can help and get you started. These are also helpful if you are supporting someone with depression as this will help you understand what they are thinking and guides you on the best things to say – not always what you think either.