Discover and explore Mindfulness on a one to one basis or with a group of friends. Mindfulness teaches you to pause and be in the present, it increases your awareness and with regular practice calms thoughts, de-clutters the mind, makes things clearer, helps decision making and it gives you more time. It helps us to accept thoughts and feelings without making judgement or over analysing, and at the same time reducing procrastination.

Our sessions will teach you a variety of mindfulness techniques, help you to set up your regular practice, give support and help you explore and recognise your thought and emotional patterns. All you need to do is learn some techniques, practice regularly and the benefits will follow. Regular practice can help you with:

Stress reduction

Clarity and focus

Greater resilience

Enhanced creativity

Improved relationships

Improved concentration

Rapport and communication

Improved health and wellbeing

Greater confidence and self-esteem

Ability to have better sleep

Reduced anxiety and depression

Improved work-life balance

Greater work satisfaction

Memory enhancement

Intuitive ability

Pain reduction

These benefits are based on published scientific evidence of 8 week courses.

If you are focusing on your personal growth and development, you could consider combining Mindfulness with some NLP Coaching or Hypnotherapy.

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Prices for one to one sessions

1 hour session £60
5 session package £245

Please contact me to discuss your private group requirements and goals I will then send you a price based on these.

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