Reflexology can help relieve the symptoms and discomforts of pregnancy and birth by restoring and maintaining physical, psychological and emotional balance.

Treatments are available to expectant mothers from the point of conception throughout all three trimesters. I have to offer, a wealth of experience plus qualifications and knowledge gained from a number of midwife lead courses.  Contact me for an initial chat and consultant.

For optimum benefits, reflexology is recommended for the full length of your pregnancy.


Reflexology for Conception

Reflexology treats the overall health of the whole person as well as areas affected by fertility, helping to rebalance hormones, reduce stress levels. Recommended for both Mother and Father to be.

From information gathered by Members of the Association of Reflexologists, 50% of clients seeking reflexology in connection with conception found themselves pregnant within 6 months.


Reflexology throughout Pregnancy

Can help maintain a healthy pregnancy, promote a positive birth outcome and normalise the birth process. Supporting the many physiological changes throughout pregnancy, reflexology can be a great way to relax, balance hormones and help with coping strategies. It aims to reduce morning sickness, ease back, sciatic, pelvic and joint pain, reduce water retention and improve digestion problems.


Post Natal

Looking after a new baby and recovering from birth can be tiring and stressful; it takes time to adjust to new routines. Reflexology can be beneficial for assisting self healing following birth and provide some ‘me’ time.  It can help in reducing the symptoms of post natal depression.


Learn to Massage your Baby

You can also learn how to massage your own baby.  I have been a baby massage tutor for over 10 years, offering one to one sessions and also private group tuition to groups of friends.  Please in touch to for a quote.  Recommended for babies from birth to crawling.

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Reflexology can be enjoyed by everyone, read more on Advanced Reflexology ART

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55 minutes  £50
30 minutes  £30

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