Employee Wellness Programmes: Mindfulness, NLP Coaching, Stress & Anxiety Management, Bespoke Workshops, Massage and Reflexology

Reduce Costs, Increase Staff Retention, Boost Productivity and Motivation.

Improving the health and wellness of your workforce can improve the efficiency of your organisation, reduce sick days and help achieve a good reputation for employee retention rates.

15.4 million working days were lost in 2017/8 due to work related stress, depression or anxiety (Source: HSE Oct 2018).  This accounts for 44 per cent of all work-related ill health in the UK,  musculoskeletal disorders accounted for 35 per cent.  Absence from work costs the UK economy £12 billion a year.

I offer wellbeing project and programme management to help organisations reduce unnecessary costs and to thrive in the environment.  My focus is on implementing the HSE Management Standards for managing stress at work and 'Thriving at Work', the Stevenson/Farmer review for mental health.

I deliver bespoke workshops, on a variety of health and wellbeing subjects such as change, stress & anxiety reduction, resilience building, smoking cessation, and mindfulness.  My goals are to improve efficiency, reduce costs, boost employee motivation and encourage an enjoyable working environment.  Having previously worked in advertising and marketing for over 20 years I fully understand the demands and obstacles of working in a busy environment, and how the employer can lead in looking after their staff, resulting in a dedicated, progressive and enthusiastic teams and employees.

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How practising Mindfulness can bring benefits to your organisation

Reduced anxiety, depression & stress

Improved concentration

Improved relationships, rapport and communication

Clarity and focus

Greater work satisfaction

Memory enhancement

Greater resilience

Enhanced creativity

Improved health and wellbeing

Improved work-life balance

Evidence based benefits are based on 8 week courses.

As well as practising mindfulness and learning various techniques, we cover the theory behind it and how mindfulness can be used to recognise thoughts, feelings and improve communication.  I offer one off workshops to full 8 session courses.  A full 8 session course has the benefit of allowing staff to develop regular practice in order to enjoy the full benefits of Mindfulness.

Stress & Anxiety Management. Resilience Building Workshops

Growing your employees can grow your organisation.

Self-development will generally motivate people, so an employee personal development plan alongside your organisations’ goals can have a positive all-round impact.  Employees are likely to feel valued, involved and happier, resulting in enthusiasm, dedication and good health.

In addition, this contributes to reduced sickness and recruitment costs.  The HSE requires employers, by law, to manage and control the risk of stress-related ill health arising from work activities.

Participants are engaged in presentations and discussion for understanding and managing stress through self-awareness, coping strategies, mindfulness, NLP coaching approaches, nutrition and healthy lifestyle advice.

Resilience building can be delivered in a one day basic workshop up to a more comprehensive 6 to 12 session programme.  Available for groups or one to one.

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NLP Coaching

We provide NLP Coaching plans for individuals and groups, from board level to trainees.

The coaching journey develops and progresses employees, improving performance of your organisation.  It motivates, stimulates creative thinking, develops problem solving skills, expands learning, removes limitations, improves communication and reduces stress.

We work within both the private and public sectors, from large plc’s, SME’s, Professional Services and the public sector with specific experience within education, the Media, Marketing Companies and Technology.

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Using Hypnotherapy in business?

Hypnotherapy is an extremely safe therapy.  You might be surprised to hear that NLP was built on the techniques of a well known Clinical Hypnotherapist, Milton Erickson.  Being in hypnosis can allow us to reframe our subconscious thoughts easier and quicker.

We can use in business to,

Enhance public speaking, build confidence and motivation

Reduce anxiety and stress

Reduce sickness by working with staff to quit smoking

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What benefits can On-site Massage & Reflexology potentially offer?

Onsite treatments cause minimal disruption.  Employees remain fully clothed, messy oils are avoided, and treatments can be as short as 20 or 30 minutes.

My on-site Remedial Massage incorporates Myofascial Release and acupressure to help musculoskeletal problems. Sessions often include nutritional and lifestyle advice.

Acute neck pain

Reduction in sick days & compensation claims

Improved health, improved immunity

Projects a positive image of your company

Improves staff retention & moral

Reduces and helps prevent muscular pain, back, shoulder & neck ache, RSI, stress headaches, eye strain and tennis elbow

Energising and uplifting

Clearer thinking, improved concentration, increased productivity and combats fatigue

Aids sleep

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