I was chatting to another Reflexologist about menopause symptoms and she lent me Passage to Power by Leslie Kenton.  What a fabulous book!  It is so empowering for women, particularly at the time of menopause!  I am only 100 pages in, but wanted to share it.

Menopause is a time to celebrate, a time of freedom, start of a new era in our lives, but we are surrounded by so much negativity on this subject.  I know women suffer, I often hear it from my clients, but finding this book has opened my eyes, I have finally found a read that helps an understanding of the subject and presents menopause symptoms alternatives treatments.  This should be a definite read by anyone preparing or following their path through menopause.

In fact I’m sure it would help any female struggling with their menstrual cycle, conception, miscarriage or hormonal issues.  It helps us appreciate and understand our bodies.  Subjects that are swept under the carpet far too often.  I remember as a teenager at school, I had heavy periods lasting 10 days, occasionally would vomit and felt extremely lethargic – I got no help and no one would discuss it.  I just wish I had the knowledge then I have now.

I’ve had an opinion for a while that progesterone is key to un-opening these hormonal problems, effecting   mood swings, osteoporosis, hot sweats, fatigue, irregular periods etc.  We constantly hear that Oestrogen is the cause of all problems, either we have too much or too less.  We need the correct balance between progesterone and oestrogen for the body to prevent us feeling ‘rubbish’ because of the menstrual cycle or menopausal.   It’s all about getting progesterone into our bodies to balance the oestrogen.  Many of us aren’t getting enough and one simple solution suggested is natural progesterone cream, which is made from yams.  Of course no pharmaceutical company can license or make a nice profit from it as it is natural, one reason we probably don’t hear about it.  Again because no one can own a natural product, an organisation is unlikely to put a huge investment into research if they are not going to get a return.

One thing to understand is that our modern world effects hormones.  Convenience food, pesticides, the food cycle, farm animal pharmaceuticals, pollution, goods derived from petroleum – plastic containers to facial creams to baby oil, radio waves, electrical equipment, not forgetting everyday stress.

Our hormones are all interlinked.  As a Reflexologist, I find when a client is stressed, their adrenal glands are out of balance and over worked.  There will also be an imbalances elsewhere within the endocrine system (this is our hormonal system), usually in all or some of the pituitary, thyroid and ovaries.

So what does Progesterone do? Increases libido, prevents cancer of the womb and breast, anti-depressant, stimulates the building of new bone, normalises blood clotting, strengthens the skin.

And what does Oestrogen do?  Decreases libido, increases risk of womb and breast cancer, thins the skin, increases blood clotting, encourages water retention, can produce headaches and depression.

Read this book and decide for yourself.  If you have read any of Leslie Kenton’s other books I would love to hear from you.