As my week progressed on my NLP Coaching course, it started to strike a definite ‘WOW’! This module was part of my Clinical Hypnosis Diploma and to be honest I wasn’t looking forward to it. Having received coaching successfully to help my business, I once could never see myself being an NLP Coach.

My group was what I would call a little odd, about a third appeared to be stuck and procrastinators. Coaching is all about setting, achieving goals, managing change and taking a journey so I was curious why those people were in the classroom. At the end of the week this group told me I was a natural NLP Coach so I hope I inspired some of them to be more open to change.

Reflecting on my past work, I already coach clients when giving massage in the workplace, helping with stress, communication, encouraging promotion and opening their limitations. Becoming an NLP Coach seems a natural progression.
I chose to start working with senior executives. Terrifying, but stimulating, working with people who set goals and are highly motivated. So I am offering Executive NLP Coaching to help career progression, I find it exciting and fulfilling.

I worked in the Advertising Industry, from SME’s to International Corporations for over 20 years so experienced and witnessed many problems, mostly lack of communication, trust and people limiting themselves. I promote organic thinking in the workplace, I believe it stimulates openness, creativity, positive progression and success. If only I knew then what I know now.
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