Workplace Treatments

For the past two years I have had the joy of attending Ruth’s sessions, and I cannot recommend her too highly.  I have had reflexology, back and head massages – not for any specific problem, but just as a break from work, and a wonderful opportunity to relax and be looked after.

I particularly appreciate being able to see Ruth on campus.  Holistic therapy is the sort of thing I often mean to do, but don’t get round to it.  Having Ruth here at Aston makes it so easy to book an appointment either in my lunch hour, or at the end of the day – one minute I am at my desk, crouching over a hot p.c., the next minute I am completely relaxed with all the worries and pressures being soothed away.

Ruth is a caring thoughtful person – she quickly attunes to an individual’s preferences – sometimes we will have a natter – other times she appreciates I just want to “drift away”.  If anyone is unsure and would like to have a chat to me about Ruth’s therapies, please get in touch.

I think Aston is very lucky to have Ruth.