Baby Massage

Learn baby massage with a group of friends in your own home or through one to one instruction.  Suitable for babies from birth to crawling or pre-toddler stage. 

Human touch is one of our basic needs and is one of the first senses experienced by newborn babies; the rhythm of the massage replicates the periodic pulses in the womb providing a deep connection to Mum or Dad. It helps them to recognise their environment as being safe, supportive and caring. 

Learning infant massage will give you a skill for life. It provides quality bonding time for both baby and parent, offering a relaxing break away from the hectic lifestyle of the feeding and changing routine.

Potentially has many benefits such as aiding sleep, calming, promoting lactation in breastfeeding mums, improving skin conditions, respiration, digestion and assisting with physical & mental growth.  Techniques can ease symptoms of colds, coughs, colic and teething.

Proven to help increase weight gain, development and self confidence of premature babies

Beneficial for preventing and healing postnatal depression.

If you have a group of friends who are interested and one of you would like to host the sessions, please get in touch for a quote.  Includes massage oil and course instruction booklet.


As a guide sessions start from £50 upwards, however each session is tailored to your requirements so please do contact me for a quotation.  This cost would be shared across your group of mums.

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